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20 May

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Are you Bipolar? Share your Story with the World!

7 Feb

When I made the decision to write Big Crowd at the Crazy House I knew it would probably affect my personal life, and once it was out there, there was no turning back.  I decided I would rather help people that were really down, and so what if one more guy could just use my book as another excuse to call me crazy or psycho.

I want to invite you to help me continue to help others by sharing your stories of how your life has changed since you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Specifically I hope that you will share what you went through when you were initially diagnosed, the whole possibly drama filled adventure, and how you survived, and overcame it.  Also share any medications that worked or didn’t work, and any useful information you think will help people that might have been newly diagnosed.  The more people learn about this illness, the more we can help shatter the stigma, and the less we will feel we have to cringe when we admit to someone we have a mental illness.  We should feel special, and not like outcasts- so help me help you feel “special,” and share you story with me today!  Please include your name and age, or at least your first name and age if you do not wish to include your last name.  If you know someone who is bipolar, please tell them to submit their story, via email to:  Thank you so much.  The book is tentatively titled:  Creeping into the Crazy House Clapping:  Stories of the Day We Lost Our Mind.


Top 10 Reasons to buy my new book – Big Crowd at the Crazy House

21 Nov

10.  Because I make money, and as long as I am still selling books I am still an author.

9.  It will make your life look like a Norman Rockwell Painting.

8.  You will look smart, because people are impressed by people who read.  Even if you don’t actually read it, sit it on your coffee table.

7.  I will personally sign it to you, so all of your friends will think you know a famous author, so you will be instantly cooler.

6.  If you ever get stuck in a cold dark place you can burn it to find your way out.

5.  You get to see me at 225 pounds and you will feel thin.

4.  You get to see me in a bikini..Not sure how you will feel about that.  (oh, and I am thin again.. i wouldn’t even walk past

a mirror at 225, let alone be in the same room with a bikini!)

3.  After you read the book, or read enough to make a nice comment about how much you loved my book and couldn’t put it down, I will post it on my What Fan’s are Saying section of my website…

2.  I will include a FREE GIFT when you say you heard about my book on my blog!  I had to dig deep for that one.. I was running out of reasons.

1.  Because if you or someone you know ever go crazy, you will already be well informed and prepared, and realize that you are perfectly normal…for a crazy person…  🙂

Blog Blog Blog Blog…. ha ha ha!

20 Nov

Is this thing on?   I hope I have more luck at Blogging that I did far so good, I have one follower, and it is not the Administrator!  YES!  It is my nephew, so I must be doing something right.  One follower, then I am not blogging just to hear myself blog.  I mean it is bad enough I am crazy and sometimes talk to myself, the last thing I need is for it to get out that I blog to myself too.  Might as well drive myself to the crazy house…even have my own straight jacket hanging out in the shed (for publicity photos only) but it would be too hard for me to text and drive if I had on a straight jacket!  Just kidding dad.

Just wanted to welcome everyone, and to say thank you so much for taking time out of your meaningful life to check in at the Crazy House.  Not much of a crowd here tonight, but this is just the first day, and who do I think I am, Stephen King?  ha ha  (That would be a funny reference to a story in my book–so reason #11 for you to go to and buy it!!

If you are one of my beloved family member or one of my few but fiercely, faithful faithful friends, and haven’t done so yet, could you please, please go write a short review at  They say that’s the best way to move up the ranks until I crank out the next one.  I appreciate all of your support and for the people who have stood by me for so many years when I know firsthand it would have been much easier just to give up on me.  It’s your love and faith in me that keeps motivating me to come back up swinging –when year after year this illness kicks me down and spits in my eye I turn around and tell it–oh, but I’m a Brown, try to take me again and I will knock YOU down!!!